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Less than 24 hours to take off

I am reading loads of blogs from colleagues on their way. My own team are chatting about luggage and are all cheerful and looking forward to meeting the whole group in Casablanca  tomorrow!

There is another team going to India just a week or two after us. Reading one of their blogs I realize how fast ones mind actually moves from phase to phase. They have just been informed about their projects and have so many questions about that. We have gone to the next step, we know a bit about our projects and have started to think about them in a more constructive way.

I am constantly being asked what I will do and when I tell people I always add that I am way out of my comfort zone, and there will be a discussion on that topic. Especially with IBM colleagues. The more we talk the more I realize that what we are doing is of course very special, but there is still an element of this in our every day life when working within a company like IBM.  We always work in multi-cultural teams. We work for many years with people from other countries that we never even meet. Changes and new set-ups are business as usual for us and learning new things is also something that is constantly ongoing.  So we are all well prepared.

And on top of that, I am 100% convinced that we will all do our very very best. That is a great start!

One of my blockbest colleagues and her sweet daughter gave me a present. The prettiest notebook . I will make sure to use it every day. I dont want to forget a thing that I learn 🙂

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Last team call before take off!


Today is the last call with the team. Next time we speak it will be face to face! Exiting.

During the whole project we have been trained, informed and prepared for this adventure! As previous calls I am impressed with the organisation behind us. We have the best possible back up and all kind of eventualities are being covered. As our tutor is telling us it might feel a bit overwhelming, being used to travel on your own. But this is different, we are not going on a vacation, we are on an assignment and we need to think a little different.

My bag is packed!!

I am usually a hopeless packer.  Things are packed in the last minute and have no idea how much I will bring. But this time I am super organised! Feels great to have it all ready, all the printed materials we need to bring is sitting in nice binders,  checklist is done and I am surprising both my family and myself with this behaviour! I might be going through a personality change 😉

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All I see is volunteer work :)

You know the saying.. when you are pregnant, the city is full of prams!  Because you only see what you want to see. Before the pregnancy you never saw those prams.

With three days to go all I see are articles on voluntary work, trip recommendations to Morocco and I cannot stop reading the blogs created by my team members.

Today this article took up all my breakfast time. Great writing about teamwork that matters. If you have time, read it.

Here are links to some of the blogs of my soon-to-be best friends 🙂

🙂 Danielle from Canada:

🙂 Kavya from India:

🙂 Tany from Mexico:

🙂 Sarah from Canada:

🙂 Samantha from Brazil:

🙂 Juan from Argentina:

and a few more with no blogs so far. All together 12 people 🙂

If you want to know more about the over program, here is the introduction page where  you can see current updates from twitter and other teams going out at the same time.



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Outside my comfort zone!

We have now been informed about our projects! This is something we have all been waiting for and now we know. I am not sure which is worst – to wait for the information or to know what is expected 🙂

I will be one of three IBMers working with a Moroccan government institution that facilitates investment and business creation in the  Casablanca  region. We are asked to create a strategic plan to enhance organizational capacity across all divisions.

This is definately not part of my day to day job and I honestly admit that I felt nervous and insufficent when I read the description of the project. But at the same time I also got information about with whom I will be working with and that was good knowledge. Fabian and Samy will be great coworkers and together we will be a good team.

One of my favourite colleagues at home has also been away on a CSC-project and she said she had the same feeling. Did she?? She is a colleague that I admire a lot, and she had the same doubts? Ok.. then I guess most of us have had our doubts. I will just do my very very best and hope that is enough 🙂

This will be such an experience!

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One month to go!

We are now only one month away from departure day to Morocco!

The weekly calls have been going on for two months and we are starting to get to know each other better and better. This weeks exercise with group discussions was really interesting! Different scenarios that all actually happened in the CSC-teams were presented and we were to discuss our solutions in the small teams. Yesterday we presented our solutions and I very much enjoyed the discussions around them, especially with comments from our local representatives.

Every time we have these calls I am so impressed by the organisation around this project!

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