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Presentation tomorrow

This morning the first group was all dressed up, a little nervous and on their toes. Today was their presentation day.

Ours is tomorrow. I am not that nervous. We do not have a huge audience to present to as our project is somewhat classified and we have already discussed our findings with our client so we know that we are on the right track.

But still..  it is important that we present it as good as possible. And we will!

Tonight Fabian and I took a taxi down to the beach and spent some time with our cameras. Fabian is a brilliant photographer. I am technically nowhere near him but still enjoy taking photos and just feel the salt, the wind and listen to the sound of the big waves.

Now.. back to the hotel, might read up a little more on the slides… 🙂

sunset 2

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Hard work and belly dancing

Another day of hard work. Went home (home being the hotel) thinking we had been so productive today. Had a good meeting with our client and felt that we were clear on the next steps. No more talking about digging holes! My team is great! I believe we complement eachother very well and today it became so obvious. We know eachother better and it is easy to split the tasks between us. I am now confident we will be able to deliver well and make our client “happier”. He told us a week ago that “if you can deliver this, I will be happy, if you can deliver this I will be happier”. Of course I want our client to be not only happier, but happiest! Let’s hope we can overachieve! That would be my goal!

A meeting with lovely Boutaina at the hotel, fill her in on status of our projects. Always interesting to hear the others, get some comments and speak a little about issues, maybe get some advise. We have two consultants amongst us, Dani and Jordan. They have both been extremely helpful and shares presentations, templates and advise which is very very helpful to us.

Tonight we went out for dinner at moroccan restaurant that had belly dancing. Very impressive dancing by the beautiful girls. I was even more impressed by Jane and Sarah who without hesitation went up and did their own performance.

It was a lovely evening, nice food, much laugther as always. For some reason we had the girlies at one table and the men at the other. Of course the giggling and laughter was louder and better at the womens table. I just sat there and enjoyed looking at all these beautiful young girls, All bright, ambitious and full of life. Being the oldest in our team I am allowed to admire their youth and enthusiasm! Have to love them all!  We are so lucky with our team. Great people all through!

The other table, the men, were maybe a little quieter today, but for sure they enjoyed the belly dancing. There have been several cultural experiences this week. Some of the group members went to a Hammam, and the experience was obviously quite different considering the discussions after. The rest of us are now considering going or not. But I think not going would be missing out on something 🙂

Last but not least – greetings to Jordans parents. He is still behaving well, goes by the nickname of Julio by the ladies and seems to enjoy the attention. He is a darling and you can be proud of him!


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If my photos from the last days makes it looks like we are on a fancy vacation I better start posting more about the assignment, I assure you – there is nothing vacation-like about our assignment.

We are being challenged! I honestly admit that I this is the most challeging task I have faced. It is on a level I have never worked and I believe the same goes for my colleagues. Our client needs a long term strategy and he clearly has a vision on what his needs are. We have a pretty good vision of the problems he is facing at the moment but we need to look further ahead with “consulty minds” and foresee the necessary organisation he needs to put in place.

There are many things to understand and  – in French!  My supernice teammate Fabian who happens to be French has probably got a headache tonight. Not only does he have to bright and clever but he also needs to translate the information from the people we interview to me and Samy, my Brazilian colleage. Not an easy task. And not easy for us to understand the full picture either. I think this is a huge part of the “development package from #IBMCSC  🙂

Fabian & Sami on the stairs of CRI.




In agreement with the client & lots of laughter

Today we agreed with the client on what we will deliver. We have studied the documents we have received and are now aligned on what he expect and what we can deliver. One big step.

Before dinner everybody presented status of their projects. We are all now pretty much on track and it felt good to hear the status of the others.

After that we went out for dinner. We are such a loud group, which is great! Laugther and teasing and today we had language lessons. There is quite a variety to chose from 🙂

Boutaina, Dani and Jane + a little bit of Edwin
Jordan – special greetings to his parents. He is behaving well and we all love him! 🙂
Jette, Masa and Juani

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Meeting the clients

What a big day!!  All dressed up, going the the IBM-office. We were greeted in the friendliest way by the person in charge, and we immediately felt at home.

After an hour our clients arrived. They presented their organisations and we could start the discussions in the subteams and after lunch we continued to the clients offices.

In the evening we all got together to hear about our different experiences during the day. It was all very interesting and as always I was again impressed by the way my brilliant colleagues are handling the challenges. As there is no doubt there will be challenges. The expectations are high and our time is limited. But we are all determined to deliver excellency.

This is only the second full day we have together, but we are acting as a happy bunch of friends! Laughing, teasing eachother and just having a good time. But there is sincere carering too. We all suffer with poor Masa who has not yet received his luggage due to a Copenhagen strike. We laugh out loud about Sarahs huge problem with getting the right size of towels and we have sorted out who is the “baby” and who is the oldest. I of course won the “oldest” competition but Dani who won the “youngest” competition is certainly not immature. I am impressed with her now, she could very well be our next CEO 🙂


#ibmcsc #morocco6

Getting to know eachother

After being on numerous calls and creating our own images of each and every member of the group it is really interesting to meet, talk, eat, laugh and discover Casablanca together.

Today was a full walk-around-Casablanca-day. Where can we buy groseries, where is the drugstore, where are some good restaurants? Our lovely contact person Boutaina has taken us all over the place, and it is quite a large city. So lots of walking 🙂  find that we laugh and joke a lot in the group and the athosphere is very promising for the next four weeks.

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! Dress up, be smart, meet the client and start the project. So an early night tonight I think!

Some pictures of all the charming #morocco6 people:

Group photo preparations in front  of the mosque
Jordan, USA
Fabian, France/Switzerland
IBM is everywhere!
Park near our hotel
Boutaina is showing us the city
Samantha from Brazil
12 people buying one water bottle each
Sarah from Canada and Edwin from India
Sarah from Canada, Tany from Mexico and Kavya from India
Jane from Bulgaria’/Ireland
Juani from Argentina
Jane from Bulgaria/Ireland and Masa from Japan
Juani, Jane, Jordan, Fabian and Edwin
Jane, Kavya & Tani
Local guy 🙂
Danielle from USA
Dani, Juani, Kavya and Boutaina
Tangins waiting to be filled with our lunch
Jane & Danielle
Special gift from Jane, a bulgarian tradition for March 1