Last team call before take off!


Today is the last call with the team. Next time we speak it will be face to face! Exiting.

During the whole project we have been trained, informed and prepared for this adventure! As previous calls I am impressed with the organisation behind us. We have the best possible back up and all kind of eventualities are being covered. As our tutor is telling us it might feel a bit overwhelming, being used to travel on your own. But this is different, we are not going on a vacation, we are on an assignment and we need to think a little different.

My bag is packed!!

I am usually a hopeless packer.  Things are packed in the last minute and have no idea how much I will bring. But this time I am super organised! Feels great to have it all ready, all the printed materials we need to bring is sitting in nice binders,  checklist is done and I am surprising both my family and myself with this behaviour! I might be going through a personality change 😉

#IBMCSC #morocco6