The End & a film

Cannot believe it is now four weeks since we were in the minibus from the hotel to the local IBM office. Today we are here again! Informal but interesting meeting with the management of IBM Morocco, but also with one of the Geo Marketing Leaders who was truly inspiring.

I was so impressed! As a recruiter working out of a small office in a small country I do not often get to meet our execs and Edwin Baba was delightful to listen to. He had so much insight on both Africa and the rest of the world. He could relate to all of us and he gave us the opportunity to ask about the market, the region, the challenges and the opportunities. This man was very carismatic and I was under his spell for the 45 minutes he was in the room!
We are all now aware that goodbye is close! There are many ways of looking at a goodbye. Of course I will be sad to see them all go, to probably never see them again. This group has been almost too good to be true! No arguments, all teams have worked well, treated eachother with respect, kept track on eachother so everybody would be ok.
But I am more happy than sad. The experience that this project has given me, & us, is very different from any other experience I have had. I treasure it, and I hope that I will be able to see things in somewhat different perspectives going forward. For sure I will laugh to my self when I am impatient of time and remember that keeping time just might not be as important to everybody else as it is to me. So maybe I can just relax a little about it.. at least when outside Sweden 🙂
Closing this blog with the warmest greetings to all my new friends, colleagues and contacts. Thank you all for making this voluntary experiene so rewarding. To Sami and Fabian – you have been the very best teammates and I am proud of our project which would not have been the same if it was not for the both of you. Dreamteam 🙂
Spend 3 minutes looking at a video I made about our days.. 🙂

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The project is now delivered

After a long day of waiting we finally delivered our presentation at arround 6. pm. As our project is confidential to our client the audience was small but we had their full attention and the discussions were good. It tooks us almost 3 hours to get throuh it all but since that was due to good discussions it was well spent time. We are actually never nervous that our client would not be happy as he knew most of the deliverables beforehand.

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Found it very cool to have a fancy dinner at Rick’s Café. 🙂
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Dinner with our Director, a very inspiring man. I liked this man from day one and hope that there are many others like him in leading positions in Morocco. His mindset and plans for the country are those of true leader!

After the presentation he took us to a late dinner at the famous Rick’s Cafe which was a very pleasent experience. We all know that the Casablanca movie was not actually shot in these premises but the atmosphere took us right into the movie anyway and it is a wonderful idea to create this restaurang as it is a great tourist attraction and not easy to get a table as it is very popular.

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