If my photos from the last days makes it looks like we are on a fancy vacation I better start posting more about the assignment, I assure you – there is nothing vacation-like about our assignment.

We are being challenged! I honestly admit that I this is the most challeging task I have faced. It is on a level I have never worked and I believe the same goes for my colleagues. Our client needs a long term strategy and he clearly has a vision on what his needs are. We have a pretty good vision of the problems he is facing at the moment but we need to look further ahead with “consulty minds” and foresee the necessary organisation he needs to put in place.

There are many things to understand and  – in French!  My supernice teammate Fabian who happens to be French has probably got a headache tonight. Not only does he have to bright and clever but he also needs to translate the information from the people we interview to me and Samy, my Brazilian colleage. Not an easy task. And not easy for us to understand the full picture either. I think this is a huge part of the “development package from #IBMCSC  🙂

Fabian & Sami on the stairs of CRI.




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