Hard work and belly dancing

Another day of hard work. Went home (home being the hotel) thinking we had been so productive today. Had a good meeting with our client and felt that we were clear on the next steps. No more talking about digging holes! My team is great! I believe we complement eachother very well and today it became so obvious. We know eachother better and it is easy to split the tasks between us. I am now confident we will be able to deliver well and make our client “happier”. He told us a week ago that “if you can deliver this, I will be happy, if you can deliver this I will be happier”. Of course I want our client to be not only happier, but happiest! Let’s hope we can overachieve! That would be my goal!

A meeting with lovely Boutaina at the hotel, fill her in on status of our projects. Always interesting to hear the others, get some comments and speak a little about issues, maybe get some advise. We have two consultants amongst us, Dani and Jordan. They have both been extremely helpful and shares presentations, templates and advise which is very very helpful to us.

Tonight we went out for dinner at moroccan restaurant that had belly dancing. Very impressive dancing by the beautiful girls. I was even more impressed by Jane and Sarah who without hesitation went up and did their own performance.

It was a lovely evening, nice food, much laugther as always. For some reason we had the girlies at one table and the men at the other. Of course the giggling and laughter was louder and better at the womens table. I just sat there and enjoyed looking at all these beautiful young girls, All bright, ambitious and full of life. Being the oldest in our team I am allowed to admire their youth and enthusiasm! Have to love them all!  We are so lucky with our team. Great people all through!

The other table, the men, were maybe a little quieter today, but for sure they enjoyed the belly dancing. There have been several cultural experiences this week. Some of the group members went to a Hammam, and the experience was obviously quite different considering the discussions after. The rest of us are now considering going or not. But I think not going would be missing out on something 🙂

Last but not least – greetings to Jordans parents. He is still behaving well, goes by the nickname of Julio by the ladies and seems to enjoy the attention. He is a darling and you can be proud of him!


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