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First contact with our client

Yesterday we had our first telephone meeting with our client. When I hung up from the call I was even more enthusiastic about our project.  Our contact person was a very pleasant man and we focused on introducing ourselves and not many details on the project.

However, we are all so keen to understand what we are expected to deliver so the little information we got about the project was like candy to us.  KPI… long term strategy.. HR….   🙂

We will meet Mr Chater on the very formal introduction meeting together with all the other organisations and volunteers on our first working day in Casablanca.  Guess that will be one big day for all of us!


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Outside my comfort zone!

We have now been informed about our projects! This is something we have all been waiting for and now we know. I am not sure which is worst – to wait for the information or to know what is expected 🙂

I will be one of three IBMers working with a Moroccan government institution that facilitates investment and business creation in the  Casablanca  region. We are asked to create a strategic plan to enhance organizational capacity across all divisions.

This is definately not part of my day to day job and I honestly admit that I felt nervous and insufficent when I read the description of the project. But at the same time I also got information about with whom I will be working with and that was good knowledge. Fabian and Samy will be great coworkers and together we will be a good team.

One of my favourite colleagues at home has also been away on a CSC-project and she said she had the same feeling. Did she?? She is a colleague that I admire a lot, and she had the same doubts? Ok.. then I guess most of us have had our doubts. I will just do my very very best and hope that is enough 🙂

This will be such an experience!

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One month to go!

We are now only one month away from departure day to Morocco!

The weekly calls have been going on for two months and we are starting to get to know each other better and better. This weeks exercise with group discussions was really interesting! Different scenarios that all actually happened in the CSC-teams were presented and we were to discuss our solutions in the small teams. Yesterday we presented our solutions and I very much enjoyed the discussions around them, especially with comments from our local representatives.

Every time we have these calls I am so impressed by the organisation around this project!

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