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Outside my comfort zone!

We have now been informed about our projects! This is something we have all been waiting for and now we know. I am not sure which is worst – to wait for the information or to know what is expected 🙂

I will be one of three IBMers working with a Moroccan government institution that facilitates investment and business creation in the  Casablanca  region. We are asked to create a strategic plan to enhance organizational capacity across all divisions.

This is definately not part of my day to day job and I honestly admit that I felt nervous and insufficent when I read the description of the project. But at the same time I also got information about with whom I will be working with and that was good knowledge. Fabian and Samy will be great coworkers and together we will be a good team.

One of my favourite colleagues at home has also been away on a CSC-project and she said she had the same feeling. Did she?? She is a colleague that I admire a lot, and she had the same doubts? Ok.. then I guess most of us have had our doubts. I will just do my very very best and hope that is enough 🙂

This will be such an experience!

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